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Our Rates
There are many factors which will determine the cost of a project.
We, at Pegasus Drone Media, put safety above all other factors while striving to give value for money with each project being as competitive as possible. If an operation can be carried out within the regulations and in a safe manner then unmanned aerial systems are going to be the No.1 choice when compared with other options such as cherry pickers or scaffolding. Cherry pickers and scaffolding are costly, time consuming and have an element of high risk to the operator or labourer. Aerial media minimises that risk.

As a professional company, we want to ensure that the client’s expectations are met in full and our workflow normally follows the agenda below. You will note that the actual flight is often not a major part of the overall operation but, only if all of the other factors have been completed, will that flight be safe, efficient and deliver the goods.
  • Scope of Work – Usually a meeting with the client to understand the requirements, the expected outputs and the schedule
  • Pre-site Survey and Risk Assessment – A key part of the operation is to determine that a safe and legal operation can be carried out at the desired location. This is carried out using online resources and information supplied by the client.
  • Authority Liaison – It is often a requirement to make contact with various authorities to advise them of the intention to undertake a flight operation. This varies from location to location and we will ensure that all appropriate bodies are notified. This may include local Air Traffic Control, Local Council and the Police.
  • Location Appraisal – A pre-flight assessment of the location may be undertaken to ensure that there are no hidden dangers that might preclude a flight. This would, ideally, be undertaken with the client to confirm project details.
  • Flight – The actual flight time element varies from project to project but must include a pre-flight check of the area, setting up of warning signage and barriers, equipment set-up and testing and a flight briefing.
  • Post Production Of All Media Outputs – Depending on the nature of the operation, post flight processing of the data acquired will be undertaken to provide the client with the expected result.
The first step is to contact us so we can discuss your proposed project. We can then provide you with a quotation.
If the quotation is acceptable by yourselves we require a 40% booking fee to be paid in advance to secure the date and time of the project. Due to the nature of aerial filming a lot rests on the weather, so if the project cannot be completed on the day and another time cannot be arranged a full refund of the 40% booking fee will be refunded to you. For more details please refer to out Terms and Conditions.
We value your business and take pride in working with our clients to ensure a safe and rewarding experience in the world of aerial data capture.

Discounts will be given to multiple bookings, for example you are a roofing contractor or estate agent and you wish to use our services on a regular basis. We value a working relationship and will provide quality support for any partnership we enter into.

Travelling costs over 25 miles from our base which is in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, DN36 4AS are charged at £30 per hour, we do not charge per mile. A simple effective way for both the client and pilot to calculate additional costs for the project.

We are professionals, we act professionally and we deliver professional results.
We are fully insured for £2m against public liability

You can contact us by calling/texting our number above or by using our contact form by clicking here
Please also take the time to read our terms and conditions.
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