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There are many factors which will determine the cost of a project. We at Pegasus Drone Media put safety above all other factors while trying to stay competitive with prices. However our prices are going to be far cheaper than hiring a cherry picker or scaffolding.

The below points are what we conduct as a minimum to attain a very high safety standard. These points are all part of a project and the actual flight is only around 1/5th of the work carried out. All of this has to be factored into a project.
  • Meeting with client to outline the project (if local and possible) if not possible then telephone conversations are a must.
  • Pre site survey and risk assessment.
  • Should it be required we will liaise with Air Traffic Control, Local Council and Police to complete any project.
  • Actual location visit preferably with client to find out if any special permissions are needed and to confirm project details.
  • Flight.
  • Post production of all media.
The first step is to contact us so we can discuss your proposed project. We can then provide you with a free quotation.
Each project really is very different and that will all be taken into consideration when your quotation is planned.

Discounts will be given to multiple bookings, for example you are a roofing contractor or estate agent and you wish to use our services on a regular basis. We value a working relationship and will provide quality support for any partnership we enter into.

Here is an example of pricing for a very basic project for one remote pilot and no additional spotters.
This project would cost £199
(Additional time on site is charged at £30 per hour should the client require it)
  • Consultation, site & flight planning and risk assessment.
  • Up to 1 hr on site for the flight.
  • Up to 15 edited still photographs.
  • Or 1 minute of edited video footage.
  • Or a combination of 5 still photographs and 45 seconds of edited video
  • Or up to 10 minutes of unedited video footage.
  • All video footage is filmed in UHD 4K unless you do not require 4K.
  • This price is based on basic post editing and an electronic delivery of all media which will be uploaded to our sever ready for you to download to any device.
This example is taking into consideration the project is no further away than 25 miles from our base which is in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, DN36 4AS
Travelling costs over 25 miles are charged at £30 per hour as we do not charge per mile. A simple effective way for both the client and pilot to calculate additional costs for the project.

We are professionals, we act professionally and we deliver professional results.
We are fully insured for £2m against public liability

You can contact us by calling/texting our number above or by using our contact form by clicking here
Please also take the time to read our terms and conditions.
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