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Hobbies & Sports

Hobbies and Sports

This section of our website is dedicated to hobbies and sports. Be it car enthusiasts, kite surfers, karting, jet ski's, skateboarders or to be honest any hobby or sport that can be filmed from the air by our drones then we would love to get involved.
Cars of all descriptions for me are a major interest so I would get a great deal of enjoyment from this field in particular.
Video's now form a major selling point when selling a car. Photo's are good, fantastic even but a video really grabs the buyer, it shows exactly what the car is like, especially if its a classic car or something that looks like its just driven out of one of the Fast and Furious films.
If you would like us to film your hobby or sport please get in touch with us for a chat and we will discuss your requirements and provide you a very competitive quote.

Nissan 350z Supercharger

The owner of this car is selling her and thought a showreel would be good.....I quite agree. A stunning way to show off the car to potential buyers. Aerial video by a drone is always going to make your vehicle look great. Unique angles that ground photography just cannot capture. 
Amazing car and the sound of that supercharger....WOW. So here we have a Nissan 350z Japanese Import with a Nismo V3 Vortec Supercharger busting out 440bhp

Cleethorpes Jet Skiers

Some great footage of my local Jet Ski community. Smashing bunch of guys and their families. A fun day filming by all. The drone was able to keep up with the speeds of the jetski's most of the time. The guys were stunned by how well the final edit looked. 
Andy said " That's why I'm so chuffed, once in a life time thing this, and I will put every one I know on to Pegasus Drone man"
Thanks Andy, I'm so pleased you all enjoyed the footage.

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