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Golf Courses

Ever wondered what your golf course looked like from the air?

Pegasus Drone Media can video your course for you. Each course we film requires different elements. Your video will be bespoke to you. Tell us what you require and we will create a whole new perspective to your members and potential members.
Some Secretaries and Chairpersons want just a quick two minute flyover of the course where as others require a more in depth video  and even every hole flown over.
We can create seperate video's for each hole or shorten it to fit into just one flyby combining all the holes.
We can combine just a few holes and greens but bring in the beautiful surroundings of the woodland and bushes to make your video stand out.
So as you can see the possibilities are endless. You have an idea and we will create your dream video.

All video is shot in 4k resolution resulting in stunning detail.
We will draft a video, present it to you and make any changes you wish. 

Cleethorpes Golf Club
The club secretary commissioned Pegasus Drone Media to highlight this wonderful course via aerial videography. 
Andrew was overwhelmed by how lovely the course looked from the air, his words were "it shows the course from a completely new perspective".
You can see the footage by clicking the image below or by clicking here
Cleethorpes Golf Club

Tetney Golf Club
William who acts on behalf of his Grandfather who owns Tetney Golf Course contacted us and asked if we could help showreel the club and course. Of course we can we would love to was our reply.
William and the rest of the staff we taken aback by the footage and absolutely loved how it showed off their club.

You can see the footage by clicking the image below or by clicking here
Cleethorpes Golf Club

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