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Drone Flying School

Drone Flying Lessons

Learn with a qualified CAA drone pilot to fly your drone safely.

Have you just bought your first drone and unsure how to control it safely?
Don't have a drone yet but thinking of buying one?
 Our lessons are tailored individually to your requirements and are on a one to one basis, just you and our qualified pilot.
No sharing of the time you have bought, total lesson dedication to your requirements.
We will supply a drone for you to use but if you wish to save money on the lessons you are more than welcome to use your own.

When and where are the lessons held?
Lessons are usually held at weekends and in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire but if possible we will try to accommodate weekdays where possible.
Lessons are either 1 hour or 2 hour time slots.
Weather plays a big part of the lessons so if we cannot hold the lesson on the day you have selected because of rain or high winds we will reschedule the lesson for another day.

Should you wish to book any of the courses please give us a call on 07813 097023 or contact us via the form here
How much do the lessons cost?

Our Equipment (DJI Phantom 4 Pro or Mavic Pro)
1 Hour Lesson              2 Hour Lesson
 £70                                  £120
Our Equipment (Yuneec H520)
1 Hour Lesson              2 Hour Lesson
 £120                                   £215
Your Equipment
1 Hour Lesson              2 Hour Lesson
 £35                                  £60

Please note that if you are using your equipment you will need at least 2 batteries for the 1 hour course and 3-4 batteries for the 2 hour course. We can bring spare batteries fully charged for you to use on a hire basis at a charge of £8 per battery should you wish.

What's included in the 1 hour lesson?
This course is usually for a new pilot, a pilot with little experience or someone thinking of buying a drone.
  • 1 to 1 lesson with a qualified CAA drone pilot.
  • Lesson is usually 50-50 split with theory and practical. You will get approximately 20 minutes flying time.
  • Basic CAA flying regulations briefing on where you can and cannot fly.
  • Learn to fly either a DJI Phantom 4 Pro as this is one of the most popular drones on the market, a DJI Mavic Pro or a Yuneec Hexacopter H520 (The Yuneec H520 will be a more expensive option should you wish to fly it).
  • How to take off and land safely.
  • Basic forward, reverse, thrust, left, right, yaw and camera control.
  • Basic settings of the DJI Go 4 app or for the Yuneec H520 the Datapilot app.
  • How to take stills in auto mode.
  • How to record video in auto mode.
  • A drone selfie photo of you, sent to you by email.
What's included in the 2 hour lesson?
This course is for someone that wants to know a lot more detail, have more flying time or who has some knowledge of flying a drone. 
  •  As the 1 hour course but you will have a great deal more flying time to master the techniques of safe least double but usually more.
  • A more detailed in depth look at the DJI Go 4 app or for the Yuneec H520 the Datapilot app.
  • Detailed run through of the DJI Go 4 app flight modes such as Points Of Interest (POI), Tap Fly, Active Track, Gesture, Terrain Follow, Course Lock, Follow Me, Home Lock, Waypoints and Tripod Mode.
  • For the H520 we will look at automated flights using Ground Station mapping software.
  • How to take stills in manual mode.
  • How to record video in manual mode.
  • Use of ND filters

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