Pegasus Drone Media, Member of the DroneSafe Register
Aerial Video & Photography
CAA Authorised Drone Pilots (PfCO) No 3922
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A very warm welcome to Pegasus Drone Media.

Aerial videography and photography is simply stunning. 
So much can be captured from the air and it is particularly captivating to a new audience and potential customers.

We are based in Lincolnshire and endorsed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). 
We have obtained the qualification and permissions (PfCO or Permissions for Commercial Operations) registration number 3922.
This Qualification requires a minimum standard has been reached such as passing both theory and practical tests known as Ground School and Flight School. It also means we have to specify how we operate by means of an operation manual and hold adequate public liability insurance. We are also members of the DroneSafe Professional Operators register.
We are therefore able to offer Aerial Cinematography and Photography for:
  • Property Marketing
  • Golf Courses
  • 3D Mapping and Photogrammetry
  • Promotional Video's and Photography for your company website 
  • Holiday Parks and Camping Sites
  • Special Events and Sporting Events 
  • Roof and Building Inspections 
  • Sports and Hobbies such as track days, windsurfing, kite surfing, vehicle showreels, horse riding etc.
  • Any Special Occasion: Birthdays, Christenings and Funerals (yes I know that last one sounds like a bit strange but believe it or not there are people requesting drone video's of funerals)
  • Weddings: In addition to your ground photographer we also off you the ability to enhance your wedding by adding some aerial photo's or video's, this can be a wonderful unique visual perspective to have on your special day.
So because we hold a current PfCO you can use the footage legally for commercial promotions on your website, Facebook, Twitter, in fact for any reason you wish, (someone without this qualification cannot legally allow you to use any footage to which they or a company could potentially make any form of gain financially or in kind).

Our aircrafts capture video at 4K video with a frame rate of 60 fps with a 100 mbit upload however filming is usually done in 4k 30fps for a smoother finish. 
60 fps or 120 fps would only be used if we wanted to use slow motion shots.
Still photographs are taken at a whopping 20 megapixels, and that produces stunning photographs.
We have remote pilots we can call on should a project need the extra help so here's where we can quote the old cliché
No job is too big or too small.
Wind is huge factor in whether we can fly safely and our aircraft can handle relatively high winds with ease.
We cannot fly in rain for obvious reasons.

Have a look around our website and see if our services can be of any use to you. Feel free give us a quick call for a friendly chat to discuss your needs and requirements.

Do you own a golf course? Would you like to showcase your course on your website or Facebook page?
We can produce a stunning showreel in 4K quality either as a promotional video or flyby each hole with information to that hole. Photographs are taken with a  20 megapixel camera for superb clarity.
A truly unique way of gaining potential members or casual pay as you play day customers. 
Visit our golf course page to preview some courses we have currently filmed by clicking here
Aerial view of Tetney Golf Course, Lincolnshire by Pegasus Drone Media

Solar panel inspections by Pegasus Drone Media
Are you a roofing company paying £300 plus to have scaffolding erected to have a quick inspection of a roof, solar panels or chimney stack? Want to save money and time?
We can have a drone up to the roof, video the footage, take as many photographs as you require and back down again in 30 minutes (complexity of job dependant of course), Footage can be viewed instantly on a tablet or iPad and if you are happy we will upload the raw footage to our server ready for you to download to your PC/Mac/mobile phone the very same day.
Visit our roof and structural surveys page by clicking here
Our clients include

Pegasus Drone Media, CAA regulated permissions for commercial operations obtained operator

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